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Taking a break...

2009-09-20 20:45:37 by shadowdragonxx

I haven't been updating for so long because I have been taking a break AAAAAANNNNDDDDD my keyboard was busted until I got it fixed on Saturday. I will tell you, though, TPOS is going veeery well, and expect it to be released within the next 2 months. In case you were wondering what my break consisted of... Well... You can just say it was filled with ecchi and harem anime goodness!Click here for a sample image. It was too big to put it up here as an image, but here you go!

New promo!

2009-08-19 00:09:58 by shadowdragonxx


New promo!

Back in business!

2009-08-07 15:09:57 by shadowdragonxx

Right now, I am doing some major animating for the end of the summer, and I hope my flash "Mario and Luigi: the Power of Shadow" will be submitted by the end of the month.

Another delay...

2009-08-04 09:45:09 by shadowdragonxx

There will be another delay due to my lack of activity because I had to do a lot of work around the house =/

Custom sprites

2009-07-22 15:43:34 by shadowdragonxx

Right now I am currently in the middle of making some Hyper Mario or "Star" Mario sprites, and It's going very well, and I'll post the sheet when I'm done.

Good news

2009-07-17 21:33:27 by shadowdragonxx

I have been working on the flash for a couple more days now, and It's going incredibly.

If you like Mario, join this forum. You can play Super Mario Flash, create, share and play custom levels at:

I've been working on the flash, and I had some unfortunate delays and problems, (Such as me accidentally deleting the original FLA file) but I have renamed it once again to Mario and Luigi: The Power of Shadow, made a new poster, took out Bowser, added Yoshi, and did more recoloring for custom sprites. Anyways, here's the new poster.

Still working on the flash after 1 year...

Not lazy during delay

2008-07-10 03:01:13 by shadowdragonxx

I have been working on a brand new well uh, picture for the Power of the shadow mushroom.
Here it is. (The custom Bowser took a long time to make) =p

Not lazy during delay


2008-06-30 10:25:07 by shadowdragonxx

Due to my laptop's mouse being busted and I am using new Bowser sprites, there will be a delay and the flash probably won't be submitted until late August. I have also changed the flash's name to "The Power of the Shadow Mushroom.